NEW Updated TRENDS 2015 

New features include — 


  • MY TRENDS Interface for ease of set-up and initial data entry
  • A Scenario Analysis Tool to compare results using various assumptions
  • Additional Graphs
  • Updated software that works with newer versions of Excel
  • A tab for internal control that lists all sections of TRENDS needing user review and refinement
  • Member input by levels of care and age cohorts
  • Additional help information
  • Formula refinements
  • A “Getting Started” document to help with installation, set-up and use
  • Additional messages to assist with user input

TRENDS 2015 works with Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013 and Windows XP through Version 7.                                                                    

Cost for ATRI MEMBERS:                                                 

$650.00 USD or $25.00 USD for those who have already bought TRENDS 2013.                                                                      
You must purchase the program directly from RCRI. The purchase form can be found under the PROGRAMS tab.

It is recommended that if you have not used the TRENDS program in a while that you contact the consultants listed below to arrange for either a training session or a refresher course.

Danielle Dunleavy:
Aurele Foidart:

Consultation fees are determined between the Congregation and the consultant.